Our rentals come from a variety of backgrounds and conditions. Some are delicate in nature, some are rare, and some require a lot of maintenance to keep in good condition (hello upholstered items!). Combine that with a professional staff that is trained in safely transporting and installing our specialty items. We take these factors into consideration when creating a proposal and there is some variation, but a general guideline is below.

There are four main things to go into our pricing that you will see on your proposal, they include:

  • Rental Rate + Minimum Order Requirements
  • Delivery + Pickup Fee
  • Cleaning + Maintenance Fee
  • Sales Tax

Rental Rate + Minimum Order Requirements

There is a rental order minimum requirement of $500 for all deliveries within the Treasure Valley. There is a rental minimum order of $1,000 for all deliveries to Sun Valley, Stanley, Twin Falls, Cascade, and McCall. Rental rate minimums must be reached prior to fees and taxes.

Delivery + Pickup

The fees for this service vary based on size of order, crew members needed, distance traveled, necessary setup and tear down, and the delivery and pickup times which are decided during booking. We will provide a more specific quote for you once these details are determined, but beginning rates are listed below. Our delivery and pick up fee, which includes set up + tear down, begins at $200 for local deliveries (Boise, Meridian, Nampa, etc) and begins $1,200 for out of town deliveries (McCall, Sun Valley, Stanley, etc). Client pickup/return is not available at this time.

Cleaning + Maintenance

In the midst of celebrations and people enjoying a party, accidents do happen! Which is why a mandatory non-refundable eight percent (8%) cleaning & maintenance fee is applied to all rental orders. This enables us to keep our  rentals at a high level of quality. This also covers normal wear and tear of the inventory while in your possession, but not gross negligence such as pieces not protected from inclement weather.

Sales Tax

We are required by the government to charge sales tax on any items rented in the state of Idaho.  If you are tax-exempt and provide us with your tax-exempt certificate prior to confirming your order, we can remove that line item from your proposal.